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Consent for Aaxel to use my PERSONAL INFORMATION (January 1, 2004)Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. & Aaxel Financial Services Ltd.committed to compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), which is applicable to our industry as of January 2004. The highlights of our Privacy Policy are provided below. For more information, contact our “Privacy Officer” at 905-796-7600 or Privacy officer.


In order to provide a product or service for a client, Aaxel needs to collect certain personal information about the client.

Aaxel will only collect, use and disclose personal information in such a manner that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances.


Depending on the type of product or service to be provided, Aaxel may collect the following information:

Client name(s)
Telephone/fax numbers
E-mail address
Birth date
Marital status
Claims history
Credit records
Past payment records
Financial information
Medical information
Driver’s record
Property details such the value of a Client’s home and its contents
Mortgage holders
Employment information


Information collected may be used for the following purposes:

to enable Aaxel to provide a policy or service to the client and assess his/her ongoing needs for service
to assess the Client’s need for and to offer other policies, products or services
to ensure that Client information is accurate and up-to-date
to protect Aaxel and/or an insurer against inaccuracy


Aaxel may disclose Client personal information to the following third parties:

insurance companies
insurance brokers or agents
credit organizations
professionals working on behalf of Aaxel such as:
adjusters or lawyers, financial institutions or mortgage holders, medical professionals



When necessary to achieve the purposes outlined in #3, Aaxel may obtain Client personal information from the following third parties:

insurance companies
other insurance brokers
credit organizations
mortgage holders
motor vehicle and driver licensing authorities
financial institutions
medical professionals



The Client may give consent to the collection, use or disclosure of their personal information, expressly in writing or over the telephone or Aaxel may determine that consent has been implied by Client actions, such as applying for a policy.


The Client may refuse to allow Aaxel to obtain, use or share personal information, or also withdraw a previously given consent at any time. However , depending on the type of services to be delivered, a refusal to provide consent or a future withdrawal of consent may result in Aaxel’s inability to provide some or all of the products or services.


Clients must provide accurate and up to date personal information, so Aaxel can properly advise or represent the Client and should inform Aaxel of any changed information immediately.

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