Group Home & Auto

Group Home and Auto Insurance Programs are tailor made to meet the personal insurance requirements for associations and employer sponsored programs. Aaxel Insurance has developed solutions for a number of medium to large organizations and employer groups to provide flexible coverage with enhanced discounts to member participants.

Product Overview

• Automobile Insurance
• Home Insurance
• Tenants Insurance
• Condominium unit Owners Insurance
• Seasonal/Secondary Residence
• Recreational Vehicles

Key Benefits

As a member of a Group Home and Auto Program in addition to the savings provided by the Group Rate, some of the key benefits include:

• Multi-vehicle discounts
• Multi-policy discounts
• Claims free discounts
• Experienced driver discounts
• Flexible payment plans
• Interest free payment plans

Group Discounts up to 30%


Aaxel Insurance will manage 100% of the new business application and renewal process. All information is kept confidential and not shared with your employer/association.

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