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How to lower your motorcycle insurance rates

If there’s one issue that gets motorcyclists worked up, it’s motorcycle insurance costs. Rising insurance costs are one of the biggest obstacles facing new riders, but it’s not just newbies feeling the pinch. In some provinces, even experienced riders are getting slammed with rates that mean their insurance costs as much as a good used bike. So how can you reduce those rates? Following factors can help you lower your motorcycle insurance costs.
  • Take rider training
  • Don’t go for a sportbike (if you want lower insurance rate)
  • Shop around
  • Stay insured (even during winters)
  • Change your coverage: Are you paying for coverage you don’t need? You may be able to reduce your bill by canceling fire/theft coverage, reducing your liability coverage, or cutting something else.
  • Slow down
  • Buy your bike in cash
  • Combine Insurance
  • Group discounts
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