Interac’s EMAIL Money Transfer

If you bank online you can take advantage of interac’s email money transfer to send money to Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd for:

• New Business and or Renewal
• Your Down payment
• Renewal

Using email money transfer is easy. Simply log into your online account and follow these steps:

1.    Locate Interac Email Money Transfer usually found under Payments /Transfers found usually on left side.
2.   Add Aaxel insurance as recipient  and enter the information as below:

a)   Recipient’s email address:

b)   Payment amount– Enter the amount you want to deposit to Aaxel Insurance’s account and what was told to you by your broker

c)   Account: chose the account you want to make the payment from.

d)  Security Question– Please enter password given to me?

e)  Message– Enter the answers to below questions under message

•   Name of your insurance broker that you are dealing with at Aaxel Insurance?
•   Name of your Insurance Company?
•   Policy number? if new client write –NEW
•   Reason of you making this payment? Down payment, Annual Premium etc.

f)   Password– You will be asked to enter a password for secure transfer of funds. Please enter- Aaxel1 (Make sure “A” is uppercase and rest of the letters are lower case)

3.  Please note:

a)   Normally it within 30 minutes of sending the payment (by you) we will receive an email with a link that allows us to deposit money into our account but it might take up to 2 business days.

b)   Payment will not be deposited into our account until we receive the email and answer the security question.

c)    If you make a mistake you can always cancel the transaction before payment was deposited by Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd.

d)   We do not accept NSF replacement payments through e-transfer.

4.    You will receive a confirmation email of successful deposit by Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd from Interac or your bank.

5.   If you do not receive confirmation email it is solely your responsibility to contact your insurance broker to determine the payment status/policy status.

6.   There is no coverage unless we confirm you in writing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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