Business Continuity: Preparing your business for the unexpected

Businesses today need to be prepared for everything. From illness, weather, perils such as fire or water to sales slowdowns and now the newest reality being a pandemic shutdown Business Continuity plan? It’s an action plan to mitigate risk to your business in the event something like the above occurs, and outlines what needs to […]

Maintaining Vacant Commercial Properties

These are Uncertain times, with self-isolation requirements Set out by the government resulting in many job sites being shut down, or employees working from home. This could result in commercial buildings and construction sites sitting idle for an extended period of time during which the buildings or job sites could be subject to property or […]

What is Hydroplaning and how can you prevent it?

Hydroplaning is when your vehicle slide uncontrollably on the wet surface of a road. Ever drove on a wet road and you feel your vehicle sliding right to left or when driving fast over a puddle and your steering wheels. Read below on how to Avoid Hydroplaning to prevent a dangerous situation What causes hydroplaning? […]

home insurance premium increases

Why did the cost of your home insurance increase?

If you noticed your home insurance premium recently went up, however, you haven’t added anything to the property. Many different things could have contributed to this increase. We have listed some reasons why below. If you live in an area where might incidents of violence have recently increased, chances are your home premiums will also […]

Wood Burning fireplace

What you need to know about Insuring your cottage property

Insuring your cottage or any other season property is very important. It ensures that you avoid any cost associated with the property. So, what do you need to before you insure your cottage? Listed below are some factors that might affect your insurance premium. How you heat your house plays an important part in the […]

Winter Storm Damage and Your Home Insurance Coverage

Protecting your car in a hail storm

It is very important to protect your vehicle during a hail storm. The best thing to do is to find a shelter as soon as possible. However, if you are not close to a shelter or driving when a storm hits, here are a few ways you can protect your car. If you don’t have […]

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