Interac’s EMAIL Money Transfer

If you bank online you can take advantage of interac’s email money transfer to send money to Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd for: • New Business and or Renewal • Your Down payment • Renewal Using email money transfer is easy. Simply log into your online account and follow these steps: 1.    Locate Interac Email Money Transfer usually found […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Insurance-What should be important Coverage and advice or  Cost only?

For most Canadians, their primary home is the largest asset. Property insurance policies are very complicated and even getting more complicated. Water damage and its related terms for a layman includes Sewer backup, flood, surface water, seepage etc. From the layman point of view, they look similar but insurance policies are “Insurance Contracts” with coverage […]

Water Damage Loss Prevention

  Water damage losses can be very serious and as much serious as fire losses. Frequency of water damage losses is much more than that of fire losses. Insurers are much more concerned about water damage losses than fire losses due to aging municipal infrastructure. At the same time, insurers are coming up with various […]

Co-Insurance the least known exposure

  Cost of being underinsured is too high ….look into your insurance policy todayWhat shocks me all the time is lack of awareness about Co-Insurance among the business community. Since the concept of Co-Insurance is fundamental principle of property and business continuation insurance, it is imperative that you understand it before considering the amount of […]

7 reasons drivers shouldn’t wait to buy winter tires

  There’s an old saying that says, in life, nothing’s sure but death and taxes. Well, in Canada, there’s one other certainty to add to the list: winter’s coming, whether you’re ready or not. That means driving in snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain and slush. Being extra careful and choosing travel times wisely are part […]

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