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Group Auto & Home Insurance Program for emergiTEL Employees

The voluntary Group home and auto insurance program is available to employees of emergiTEL, their spouses and dependent children residing at home or away at school. We ask you to please communicate to your associates about the availability of this program.

How to Get a Quote?

We recommend you to call one of our registered brokers (at least 15 days advance of your renewal date).

Direct: 647-558-6401


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is this home auto and insurance program?

This is a voluntary home and auto insurance program for employees of emergiTEL.

Who is the insurer behind this program?

This insurance program is underwritten by Economical Select Insurance formerly known as Waterloo insurance. Economical Select Insurance formerly known as Waterloo insurance is part of Economical insurance group, a 100% Canadian insurer. Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. is the broker of record of this program.

Who is my broker?

Aaxel Insurance brokers Ltd. is the broker of record. Our website is www.aaxelinsurance.com

How much will be the savings of individuals?

It all depends upon the various underwriting factors e.g your postal code, driving history, vehicles you drive etc . Savings are up to 50%.

If my present policy is still in force, should I Cancel this one to buy new.

It is not advisable to cancel your policy mid- term. But individual circumstances may differ. Discuss with our licensed brokers.

What are other benefits of buying Auto and home insurance through this program?

There are many benefits.
1. The program is voluntary for employees emergiTEL.
2. You are saving as well as you are dealing with an independent insurance broker.
3. Second medical opinion endorsement added to each property policy free of cost. If you buy a Home, Condo or tenants policy under this program you will be covered for 2nd Medical Opinion.
4. There is no cost to pay the monthly premium. Usually, your insurance company charges 3% for this option.

Any cost or liability of employer?

No. Absolutely there is no cost direct or indirect to the employer. Qualified employees buy directly from the broker as they do now but they will get discounted premium being an employee of the employer that offers group auto and home program. This a voluntary program for employees hence no liability.

What is the role of emergiTEL?

emergiTEL has no role in this program other than offering a voluntary group auto & home insurance program for its employees.

Who is responsible for servicing my needs or answering any questions?

All questions need to be directed to Aaxel Insurance Brokers Ltd. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss your policy with your employer.

What we need to be specific with?

While calling for a quote you must identify yourself that you are an employee of emergiTEL.

Is my price guaranteed to be lower or my quoted premium is guaranteed?

Most cases you will save but it all depends upon your record. Price is quoted based on the information provided or assessed. Unless something is missed or misread by the broker and or client price should be same as quoted.

How many payments will be there?

In a best-case scenario, there should be 12 payments but it can be 10 or 12 payments. Once you receive your policy documents, read through it and if you have any questions contact your servicing broker. But your overall premium should remain the same.

Please note that this is a voluntary program offered on behalf of the emergiTEL.

Your Registered Insurance Brokers. Call Now: 1-855-380-3666

Not Satisfied or have any complaints? Email us and we can assure you we deal with it immediately. PL@aaxelinsurance.com


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